Kevin Peffers: Blacksmith, Cabinetmaker & Designer.

The selection of materials is a very important step in the design process.  It has impact on the quality, look, feel, workability, strength and  longevity of a particular project.

In selecting a wood species for a project the primary factors are aesthetics and cost.  Each wood is very different and will give the finished project a different feel and look.  Things to considers are the colour, pore structure, density and hardness.  Kevin will take the time to go over all of the factors in making a sound decision on which wood is right for your project.   Only the highest of quality lumber is used when building a project.  Kevin purchases rough sawn lumber and mills it to the required dimensions himself. 

When selecting a metal there are a number of factors to consider as well.  The majority of projects are made by hand forging steel, and mild steel is used.   Mild steel is the least expensive, and is forgeable.  In an ideal world one would forge iron, but it has not been commercially available for a long time.  One disadvantage to mild steel is it rusts quite readily.  Choosing the right finish is important when it comes to preserving your project. 
Other steels, like stainless steels won't rust, but they are much more expensive.  Their workability is reduced by two factors;  there forging temperature range is reduced, and it take about twice the forging energy to deform the metal.

Copper can be worked cold, and can be treated to develop a range of natural finish patinas.  Bronze can be forged as well.  This metal is expensive to work as well, but produces beautiful results.

Some example of wood used in past projects.

Some samples of bar stock, and plate steel.  Bar comes in 20 foot lengths, plate comes in 4' x 8' sheets.  The middle bar is 1" square.  The profiled piece on the far right is MCR handrail, used in outdoor railing projects.

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