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The finish is very important to the overall project.  And in every other aspect there is many factors to consider, and options available.  Kevin will help in making the right finishing decisions for your project.

With wood finishing there are a number of steps involved.

Pore filling: With open pore woods like oak if the pores are not filled the finish top coat will not be smooth and flat.  The pores will always show as "open" if not filled.  This is not a concern for satin finishes, but on high gloss finishes it may have the undesired affect.

Staining:  In most cases a stain is used to ensure a uniform colour over the project, however wood left to its natural colour is very attractive as well.  Kevin mixes his own stain colours using dyes.  These dyes highlight the wood grain, and bring it too life.  Pigment stains can be used, but obscure the grain of the wood, in some cases this effect is desired.

Finish Coat:  There are a number of types of finish available, lacquer, shellac, french polish (a method of applying shellac, polyurethane and wax.  Kevin can use all of these finishes, and he mixes his own shellac to ensure that it is fresh, and will produce a hard clear finish.

There are just as many finishing options for the steel.  Most are shown on the right.  All have a top clear coat to keep the rust away.  Of course there is always the option to let the steel rust and let it develop its own patina over the years.  With sufficient time the steel will rust away to nothing.

Some of the finishes, left to right, blonde shellac, dye, orange shellac, dye powders.

Sample metal pieces finished with different methods. Left to Right.
Brass Brushed, Power Brushed, Oxide, Satin Black Paint, Semi Gloss Black, Semi Gloss Powder Coat, Hot Dip Galvanized.

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