Design Methodology

Kevin Peffers: Blacksmith, Cabinetmaker & Designer.

The design process starts with the client.  Concepts for the style, form and function of a piece is discussed with the client.   Often seeing the space in which a project is going to be put will help generate ideas. 

All styles, and periods are available for a project.  Kevin will design in any theme; modern, classic, contemporary, traditional, country.  The list is endless. 

The design process is an iterative one, talking about sketches and building on  ideas.  Sometimes all it takes is one, many times  it is 4 or 5.  Only until the design is satisfactory to Kevin and the client will the actual work start.

Depending on the project Kevin will either do a to scale drawing of the piece using the computer, or complete a full size working drawing.  In most cases the woodwork is drawn in the computer, the ironwork on the drawing board.  In the case were the piece is installed in the home accurate measurements will be taken, and then a mock up or a full scale drawing is made to emulate the required geometry.  In some cases Kevin has rebuilt parts of stairways to ensure a railing fits when it is installed.
Design Sketch

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