Exterior Deck Railing, 75 feet

Kevin Peffers: Blacksmith, Cabinetmaker & Designer.

-The Railing is galvanized and powder coated for the ultimate no maintainance finish.

-This  railing  is mostly fabricated, that is the oval sections are MIG welded to the top and bottom rails.  Care is taken to grind all the welds to ensure a seamless finish.

- The ovals are still bent by hand using the forge to heat the steel, and a jig to make them all the same.

-Some elements still had to be hand forged, like the helixcal handrail section at left, or the finishing ends pictured below.

-Most of the railing sections are curved, this was done by hand, using the hammer and anvil.

-All railing sections assembled on site were bolted together to avoid welding on the finished parts.

-The ball tops are the only purchased elements, they are cast and fit on top of the posts.  They are held in place with a set screw.

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