Interior Railing, 50 feet
Waves, Vines & Leaves

Kevin Peffers: Blacksmith, Cabinetmaker & Designer.

-Rivet joints between stiles and rails.

-Each vine end is tapered and scrolled into twists and knots.

-Each panel of wave like stiles (or pickets) is unique with leaves     and vines.  The middle post includes a vine wrapping around it.


- Each leaf is unique and hand forged.


- All stiles and rails are textured by hand forged pattern of hammer marks.


- The handrail and posts are made from solid maple and are custom made and finished to match the existing floor.

-This railing replaced an existing one.
-Light spots on the steps (seen in the pictures below) are locations of the old spindles.  In this case the owner wanted to refinish the steps themselves.
-The handrail is continuous from the top floor down to the basement.  Note the hand carved end detail on the handrail at the bottom of the stairs (shown in the picture to the left).

-The handrail is modelled after a helix as is winds around the landing.

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