An Introduction to The  Craftsman

Kevin Peffers: Blacksmith, Cabinetmaker & Designer.

Kevin PeffersKevin Peffers began PP&A in 2001 to follow his passion and dream of designing and building functional works of art out of iron and wood.  Professionally trained as an engineer Kevin was never far from his tools and has been woodworking and blacksmithing since 1988.

Kevin considers himself an artist as well as a craftsman.
"Each step of the process, from design, construction, and finishing, have to meet constraints given by the client, but they also allow me to apply my creativity and artistry to the piece."

Customer satisfaction is paramount.  "My goal for every client is to work with them to come up with something functional, original and beautiful.  Something they will cherish for years to come.  My customers' experience throughout the project is just as important as the end product, and I would hope adds value to their new piece of furniture or architectural structure." 



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